Nia in Chile: Getting Settled!


My name is Nia Mitchell, and I am a biology major with a Pre-Medical concentration. Thanks for visiting my blog post! This summer, I am attending a program called ECELA Spanish and Medicine. I’ll be spending 9 weeks in Chile (3 weeks in Viña del Mar and then 6 weeks in Santiago). I arrived… more »

Rachel’s Reflections: Home

Wow, it feels so good to be back home. I finally finished my nine-week escapade in Europe. The last four days I was in the UK I spent my time in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland. I was surprised to find out that Scotland is now my favorite country! It left me speechless on multiple occasions… more »

Ashton Abroad 2.0: Making Meaning

On Saturday as we made our way through the airport, Dr. Hawthorne and I bantered about what my last post would look like. He made a long-winded joke about the various cliches I could open this post with, one of which included an anecdote about my tears flowing across the keyboard.

Well, the joke is on… more »

Ashton Abroad 2.0: The Honors Experience in Belize

Want to know more about what it’s like to study abroad as a Georgia State University Honors College student? Take a peak into the global experience of our very own Ashton Brasher, a Presidential Scholar. Ashton spent Maymester 2013 in the United Kingdom and blogged about her study abroad experience from start to finish in… more »

Ashton Abroad 2.0: Accessing our Feelings

Good morning, USA!

I swear I could write poetry about Southwater Caye. Never in my life have I been so overwhelmed by beauty. I have been fortunate enough to see some stunning parts of this globe, but our current locale takes the cake. I didn’t know water could be so clear and blue. Laying in… more »

Ashton Abroad 2.0: Getting Acquainted With Belize

Posted On May 14, 2014 by Ashton Brasher, Honors College Class of 2015

Hello from Orange Walk, Belize! I landed safely and have enjoyed a beautiful first day in this wonderful country. The last couple of days have been an absolute whirlwind and in some ways I feel like I’m on another planet.

Things are a lot simpler here. There’s something refreshing about not seeing a Starbucks and… more »

Ashton Abroad 2.0: On to Belize!

Posted On May 9, 2014 by Ashton Brasher, Georgia State Honors College Class of 2015

Welcome to Ashton Abroad 2.0! I cannot begin to express how excited I am to not only go abroad again but to be back in the world of travel blogging.

For my last trip, I adventured to the UK for three weeks to study British literature. This trip has remained one of the most wonderful… more »