Student Conduct Policy

Georgia State University’s Honors College provides an exciting environment for students to further their academic, co-curricular, and personal development.  The Honors College offers its facilities to its active students in good standing to foster an environment of academic collaboration and personal exploration. All Honors College students have the right to expect an environment conducive to learning, studying, and meeting with fellow Honors College students. To such end, all Honors College students agree to the following Conduct Policy while using the facilities at the Honors College:


General Conduct

The Honors College provides students, staff, and faculty with an environment conducive to teaching, learning, advising, and conducting administrative functions.
  1. Creating a disturbance or behaving in any manner that interferes with the Honors College environment, or that affects the faculty and staff’s ability to teach and provide service, respectively (including, but not limited to, rowdiness, noise, loitering and offensive behavior or hygiene) is strictly prohibited.
  2. Students may use all authorized areas of the Honors College but may not remain in the Honors College after its business hours, or when requested to leave by Honors College faculty and staff, including, but not limited to, Honors College events or during emergency situations.
  3. Students may conduct surveys, photography, or audio/video recording within the Honors College with prior written authorization by the dean, associate dean, or administrative officer.
  4. Honors College facilities (e.g., computer lab, student kitchen and lounge, restrooms) must be used for their intended purpose only.
  5. Students shall act in a professional and respectful manner towards any faculty, staff, or administrators of the Honors College or Georgia State University and shall not wander or cause disruption within any other floors or events occurring at Centennial Hall.


Personal Items

  1. Students are responsible for their personal materials. Although tempting, students should not leave personal items unattended. The Honors College is not liable for the loss or damage of personal materials. Unattended items may be removed and turned over to the campus police.
  2. Students should bring only personal materials essential to courses or co-curricular activities and should not place personal belongings in ways that impede access for others to the common areas (student kitchen and lounge, study lounges, computer lab) in the Honors College.


Student Kitchen and Study Lounge

The student kitchen and lounge are intended to be an area for students to meet, eat, and study.
  1. Students may remove items from the student kitchen/dining area or from any appliance in that area if the items belong to them, and may store one serving of a meal per day so others may use the refrigerator. The refrigerator will be cleaned out and all items thrown away every Friday and the Honors College shall not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from this cleaning.
  2. Students may not use an installed or temporary kitchen appliance in a way that would damage it or create a safety hazard.
  3. Students may wash dishes in the sink or place them, rinsed, in the dishwasher. Clean items from the dishwasher will be placed in the kitchen cabinets.
  4. Students should ensure the kitchen areas they used are left clean and free of trash. Students should separate trash from recyclables and use the appropriate bins.


Nap Pod

The nap pod is intended for brief 20-minute naps to restore concentration and focus.
  1. Students may use the nap pod for no more than one 20-minute cycle at a time.
  2. Students must clean the headphones after use, and replace the blanket, folded, on the nap pod.



Lockers are available to any student who requests one and are intended for storing books and other materials related to curricular and co-curricular activities.
  1. Students must request a locker through the front desk.
  2. Students shall be assigned lockers on a semester-long basis by the College. Continued use of a locker for subsequent semesters shall be at the discretion of the Honors College.
  3. Students should secure their lockers with a personal lock.
  4. Students may not leave food in student lockers overnight.
  5. Students should not leave anything hanging from their locker that would impede another person’s access to their lock or locker. Do not leave unlaundered items in the locker that may create an odor.


Computer Lab

  1. Equipment in the computer lab, including the printer, is available for use by Honors College students.
  2. Food and drink are prohibited in the computer lab.
  3. Students must abide by university policies on computer use


This Policy supplements the general rules and policies of Georgia State University, as set forth in the University’s Student Code of Conduct, the University’s Instructional Innovation & Technology policies and procedures, and other applicable institutional policies and procedures.  Honors College students also agree to abide by all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.  Students who do not abide by these policies will receive a written warning from the Dean or Associate Dean.  Students who continue to violate policies will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students.