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Cynthia Searcy

Faculty Associate for Innovative Programs

B.A., American Studies, Georgetown College
M.P.A., Policy, New York University
Ph.D., Public Administration, Syracuse University


Dr. Searcy joins the Honors College as a Faculty Associate for Innovative Programs in fall 2015 and has been a faculty member of the Department of Public Management and Policy since 2008.  She specializes in financial management and budgeting, education policy, and health policy. Her research investigates the financial health and financial management practices of charter schools, U.S. cities, and state pension systems. Dr. Searcy’s dissertation explored the relationships between school policies and practices and adolescent obesity in the United States. She has taught an Honors College undergraduate interdisciplinary seminar on social justice and HON1000 on the Freshman 15. During even years, she leads a study abroad trip to Europe to study the EU’s history, evolution and policies. Dr. Searcy joins the Honors College to direct the LEAD with Honors program, a four-year certificate designed to develop tomorrow’s exceptional change agents.