LEAD with Honors

Why FOLLOW when you can LEAD?

Curious about how leadership fits into the Honors College experience? Check out LEAD with Honors, a three-year certificate program that develops small, select groups of honors students into tomorrow’s change agents through the practice of leadership principles and group dynamics.


Solutions to the world's complex problems require innovative people who translate ideas into action. If you are selected for the LEAD with Honors three-year certificate program, you'll be among a cohort of just 15 students on a journey to transform into effective leaders in career and community.
No. The purpose of LEAD is to cultivate leadership potential and demonstrate how to apply it to your personal and professional goals. The program identifies your leadership strengths, teaches you core leadership theories, introduces you to leaders in your field of interest, and culminates in a practicum that puts your leadership skills into action.
LEAD with Honors is a 16-credit hour program open each summer, by application, to sophomores. If selected to join the cohort, you will take a sequence of courses with the same 15 students over three years. The first course starts during Mini-Mester II of the fall semester.

Sophomore Year
• HON 2000: Introduction to Lead with Honors, 1 credit hour
• PSYC 4650: Leadership & Group Dynamics, 3 credit hours

Junior Year
• HON 3000: Lead with Honors Seminar, 3 credit hours
• HON 3280 Honors Service Learning, 3 credit hours

Senior Year
• HON 3500: Lead with Honors Internship, 3 credit hours
• HON 4300: Lead with Honors Senior Practicum, 3 credit hours

All but one course in the certificate program (HON 2000) can count as upper-level electives for your major. All courses count toward earning honors distinction. Set up a meeting with your advisor to see how LEAD requirements fit with your major.
Yes! You can study abroad during the summer before your junior year. You also can do the London Internship Program to count for HON 3500 in the summer before your senior year.

To be eligible for the next cohort, student must:

• Have completed 30 credit hours;
• Plan to graduate in 2022 (May, August or December);
• Be in academic good-standing in the Honors College (with a GPA of 3.3 or higher);
• Commit to taking the certificate courses in sequence with the cohort.

Questions? Contact Cynthia Searcy at csearcy@gsu.edu or 404-413-0124.