Internship Checklist


Pick 5 internships (a maximum of 10) that interest you from the links below, Career Services, or Study Abroad Programs. Consider your values, interests, and skills and connect these when selecting internships.

Internship Opportunities:


2 Create or update your resume. 


3 Write a candidate statement describing yourself and why you would benefit from the internship and why you would be a good selection.


4 Create a cover letter directed to the “Internship Coordinator.” Please write a brief cover letter that says, in effect, that you are interested in an internship, etc. and are attaching your resume and personal statement. List potential dates you are available to begin and end your internship. Be sure to share that writing sample and references are available upon request. Also, provide your contact information, e-mail, phone.


5 Identify a faculty member or supervisor to write a letter of recommendation. No need to request the letter yet.


6 Please setup an appointment with  Jessalyn Murphy to review the information you have gathered. Call the Honors College front office at 404-413-5577 to setup the appointment, make sure to specify that it is to discuss internships. 


7 If internship is abroad, register with the Georgia State Study Abroad Programs.


8 Begin applying for internships and good luck! We are here to help.