Honors Directed Reading Proposal

This form is to be used to submit a proposal for an Honors Directed Readings at Georgia State University.  You must consult with the faculty member who will teach this course before completing the form so that the two of you can decide upon the course of study, define the topic you wish to pursue, and establish meeting times, course requirements, and method of assessment.  When these matters have been agreed upon, you should complete this form and then secure the signature of the faculty member.

Please note the following dates for the appropriate deadlines:

  • Projects beginning in the Spring 2018 semester: December 4
  • Projects beginning in the Summer 2018 semester: April 23
  • Projects beginning in the Fall 2018 semester: July 23
  • Your professor will be sent an email to confirm their support of your proposal.
  • Description of Proposed Work

    The next section should be completed after consulting with your professor to ensure that you submit a detailed description of the proposed work to be completed in the course.
  • Please list percentages.