Honors 3750 – Call for Proposals

The Honors College is currently accepting Honors 3750 course proposals for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please contact Associate Dean Sarah Cook with any questions at scook@gsu.edu.

This course is intended to provide Honors students with the opportunity to explore a topic or question in the humanities inside and out of the classroom. Honors forums are led by a faculty member, and include attendance at cultural events related to the topic in the Atlanta community. The event should enhance understanding of the topic or question. Forums should foster critical thinking and writing, and should inspire deep discussion among students and the faculty member. In addition, forums should foster an appreciation of the wide range of culture available in Atlanta. The theme of the course may grow out of the faculty member’s interests, but the course content and requirements need to be accessible and achievable, respectively, to students across majors, early in their studies at Georgia State. Proposals should include an outline of outside-the-classroom events, a budget for up to three events for the course, and creative syllabus building.  Events should be included in total contact hours. For example, if students attend a Rialto event that is two hours long, those two hours can count as contact hours, or serve as an assignment.

Honors 3750 forums meet for 2.5 hours (either once or twice a week), for three hours of elective credit.

  • Classes are limited to 15 or fewer students; grading is by letter.
  • Forums require attendance and participation for a  meaningful experience; thus, attendance and active participation should account for a significant portion of the final grade.
  • Seminar-style learning spaces available in the Honors College for all Honors 3750 sections.
  • Funding available for course activities (3 per course, maximum).

Proposals for Honors 3750 will be welcomed from regular full-time faculty including lecturers and administrators in any college, as well from university-level administrators who hold a faculty appointment. The Honors College will compensate departments, not individual faculty members, $5,000 for each successful proposal. The Honors College transfers these funds directly to the faculty member’s department, center, or other unit shortly after the beginning of the semester the course is taught.

Our goal is for the following outcomes and objectives to be met through our Honors College courses:

  • Course requirements should demonstrate growth in knowledge and critical thinking through writing and oral discussion.  Requirements should be creative and allow students to explore the forum topic through various expressions of culture, e.g., fine arts, performing arts, poetry, creative writing, etc. Digital learning features are encouraged
  • Other requirements should ask students to demonstrate learning through creative, non-traditional ways.

Want to learn more about teaching opportunities in the Honors College? Attend our open house for faculty on Nov. 30, 2018, from 10 am to 2 pm. We’ll give you a look into the types of courses we seek, discuss the benefits of teaching honors students and provide tips on how to submit a successful proposal.

Attend the Open House 

Faculty are invited drop in at any time during the four-hour period to visit our informational tables and talk to staff. There is also scheduled programming:

• 10:30 am: Raffle
• 10:35 am: National Scholarships and Fellowships (More about the nominating process and how to write effective letters of recommendation)
• 10:50 am: Undergraduate Research: How undergraduate researchers can enrich your productivity
• 11:10 am: The Role of Honors College Advising: What sets our advisors apart and what they do differently
• 11:30 am: Raffle
• 11:45 am: Introduction to Teaching in Honors
• 12 pm: Reflections on Successful Courses
• 12:10 pm: Overview of Proposal Process & What's New in Honors
• 12:30 pm: Raffle
• 12:30 pm: HON 1000 First Year Seminar
• 12:45 pm: HON 3260 Interdisciplinary Seminar
• 1 pm: HON 3280 Service Learning
• 1:15 pm: HON 4500 Enduring Questions
• 1:30 pm: Raffle
1:30 pm: HON 3750 Forum: What is this new course and what makes a successful proposal
• 1:45 pm: HON Mid-term and End-of-Course Evaluations

Honors 3750 Course Proposal Form 

Attend the Open House