William’s Wanderlust

William’s Wanderlust: Transylvania Adventures

Well, a few short days after I departed my rainforest abode, I found myself in the Transylvanian countryside.  Work was already well under way on the excavation of biological human remains associated with an 11th century church.  The remaining architecture was evident and well preserved, and it was clear from the soil and building… more »

William’s Wanderlust: An Introduction to Belize

Posted On July 7, 2016 by William Anderson, Georgia State Honors College Class of 2017

I’m back in the world of civilization, internet, cold drinks and warm showers and it feels so good.  Having spent the last month in the middle of a tropical rainforest, it’s slightly strange to see hundreds of cars again, and to have electronic screens constantly bombarding my senses.  This was my second time working… more »