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The Grind ft. Terry Thomas, Jr.

Posted On September 18, 2018
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More Than An Athlete: Can’t Bend, Don’t Fold by Caleb Smith

Twenty-six tackles paired with 1.5 sacks, being named a starter at defensive end as a true freshman, defensive player of the game, and a returning letter winner could appear to be the components of a dominant football player. But what if I told you… more »

The Grind ft. Phillip Loan

Posted On December 15, 2017
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“Why Not?”: A Motto to Live by

What’s up with the brain? I get that it’s important to our bodies but why? What exactly is its purpose and why should we find this interesting? According to an article on the Piedmont Healthcare website, the brain can process information from 1mph to 268mph. Also, our brains… more »

The Grind: Sparking your Interest in Research

Posted On October 5, 2017 by Caleb Smith, Honors College Class of '19

It’s Lit! Let’s spark your interest in research.

You’re interested in research, so what’s next? You want to begin conducting research, but you’re just a little unsure about how to get started? I’m here to help!

While catching up with Undergraduate Research Program Coordinator, Jacob English, during his lunch break, we discussed some new initiatives… more »

The Grind: Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones

Posted On March 28, 2017 by Caleb Smith, Undergraduate Research University Assistant & Georgia State Honors College '19

Undergraduate Research is often a concept foreign to students.  It is frequently met with a lack of interest or confusion. Students think it will either be too rigorous, mundane, or unbeneficial.  They may ask questions like, “Where do I even start?” or “How is this going to help me get a job?” or even “How… more »