Mohammed Tariq named USG Outstanding Scholar

Posted On April 16, 2014
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Mohammed Tariq, an Honors College senior was awarded a 2014 University System of Georgia Outstanding Scholar Award at the Royal Flame Awards Ceremony. The award was presented by Larry Berman, founding dean of the Honors College.

The University System of Georgia Academic Recognition Day Outstanding Scholars Award is given to only 31 students throughout the state. The award acknowledges an individual who has exemplified excellence in academic achievement and personal development.

Tariq, a neuroscience major with minors in both chemistry and mathematics, has spent a healthy portion of his time at Georgia State working under Dr. Walter Walthall in the Walthall Laboratory. Tariq’s research is seeking to uncover why the forward motion in certain organisms is more resistant to genetic perturbations than the backward motion. For a more elaborate understanding of this mechanism of resistance, Tariq is studying animals with genetic mutations that impair this type of motion.

He also spent the summer of 2013 in Bethesda, Maryland working in the Smith Laboratory at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Here, Tariq was granted the opportunity to look at the role of transient receptor potential channels on respiratory motor pattern generation.

After graduation, he plans to complete a post-baccalaureate internship at the National Institutes of Health. He will also be applying to graduate schools for a PhD in neuroscience, most likely focusing in computational neuroscience.

Tariq stated, “I am so grateful to be named a USG Outstanding Scholar. It’s wonderful to have my hard work recognized. I would like to thank the Honors College for all of the support I have received the past four years.