Revamp for Accelerated Bachelor’s/J.D. Program

Georgia State University Honors College students can complete their undergraduate and law degrees in six years instead of the usual seven through an updated dual-degree program with the College of Law.

“The students in the Honors College have exceptional abilities,” says Cheryl Jester-George, senior director of admissions at the College of Law. “They have proven their academic performance and have strong desires to be challenged. The revamped program opens up opportunities for more Honors students to participate in the dual-degree program. It is a great opportunity to grow our students into great lawyers.”

Through the program, the Honors College identifies top performing undergraduates who commit early in their studies to pursuing a career in law. In addition to earning their bachelor’s degree and J.D. in six years instead of seven, tuition for the first year of law school is at the undergraduate level.

“In today’s economy, students and their parents look closely at the value of higher education,” says Larry Berman, founding Honors College dean. “With this accelerated program, students earn a B.A. from an up-and-coming university and a highly rated law school.”

Students who enter the Honors College with 24 to 30 credit hours are eligible to apply for the accelerated program. To earn a J.D., students must take the LSAT, complete the Georgia State Law application process and be accepted. Participating students will receive rigorous advising through the Honors College and Georgia State Law.

“This program will help us keep some of the brightest students at Georgia State to pursue law degrees,” says Steven J. Kaminshine, dean and professor of law. “Through this collaboration with the Honors College, we have a great opportunity to attract students with high academic profiles and help them successfully transition into our law curriculum.”

The new Georgia State Law building is located just a few blocks the Honors College. This will make it even easier for students in the program to maintain their connection to the Honors College, in addition to the support Georgia State Law will provide.

“The accelerated program is one of many new ventures at Georgia State that have been developed across colleges to give our students opportunities they may not have at other institutions,” Berman says.

Georgia State will offer the updated program for the fall 2014 semester. To learn more about the program’s requirements and admission process, visit