Goizueta Scholar Diana Marticorena Engages in Full Honors Experience

Posted On December 3, 2013 by Ashton Brasher, Honors College Class of 2015
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Diana Marticorena grew up in Patterson, New Jersey but that didn’t stop her from staying well connected to her Peruvian roots. Every summer for most of her life, Diana’s grandmother would take her to Peru for three months. This helped Diana maintain her language skills and nurtured several inter-cultural opportunities. She said, “There’s a drastic change between the cultures. In Peru, it’s all about family and community which I love. I was privileged to be able to grow up in America but also to stay so connected to my roots. My experiences really shaped who I am today.”

Diana is also a recipient of one of Georgia State’s most prestigious scholarships—the Goizueta Foundation Scholarship. Not only does the scholarship offer extensive financial assistance and a University Assistantship, but it provides significant leadership and professional development opportunities. “The Goizueta scholarship has made me learn so much about myself and the potential that I have to succeed. It has helped me pay for a high quality education, facilitated many valuable connections in the Honors College, and opened many doors for me in the professional world.”

The Goizueta Scholarship has certainly inspired Diana to take full advantage of her college experience. She has fostered a continuous drive to give back to Georgia State and the Honors College since her first day on campus. Diana currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Student Alumni Association. Also, as an accounting major, she is the vice president of membership for the ALPFA chapter at Georgia State, an organization dedicated to enhancing opportunities for Latinos in the accounting, finance, and business related fields. ALPFA conducts meetings for networking with local firms, supplies opportunities for internships, and holds communication workshops. Diana will soon take over as president of the organization.

During the summer after her freshman year, Diana participated in the Future Diversity Leadership Conference in Hollywood, Calif. “This was a great opportunity for my professional development,” she said when asked about her experience. “I got to know a lot of really amazing people and I built connections that I hope will come in handy in the future. She has also participated in the ALPFA KPMG case competition in Washington D.C. which she won this past summer. This is the first time that a Robinson College of Business team has gone to nationals in seven years.

Diana is also an inaugural member of the Honors College Ambassador Corps. “Being an Honors Ambassador has been a great experience so far. I love any opportunity to give back to the Honors College.” As an ambassador, Diana had a special opportunity to use her own experiences to act as a mentor and comfort to a prospective student and his family. “I had an encounter with a Hispanic student and his father at a recruitment event. The father wants to send his child to college but knows little about how to aid in the application process, especially for scholarships. I was able to bring him relief and support because I’ve been through it. My parents wanted to be involved, but couldn’t, so I could empathize; I know how difficult it can be. I have kept in touch with them. It has been really rewarding to act as a resource for those who need me.”

Georgia State’s prime location in downtown Atlanta brought Diana to a corporate management internship for KPMG, one of the big four accounting firms. During her summer internship, Diana floated through the advisory, tax, and audit departments, spending three weeks in each department learning about operations within each sector. She determined that the work within the audit department wasn’t her best fit, but she enjoyed the advisory department. So, during summer 2014, Diana will intern with KPMG again but will only focus on advisory and tax. Her ultimate goal is to work at KPMG. During summer 2015, she will have her final internship which will be client-based, allowing her to gain hands-on experience with clients. She hopes for a full-time offer at the close of this internship.

This upcoming maymester, Diana will study abroad in Istanbul, Turkey and Budapest, Hungary where she will take courses in global business and media. Past that, she will spend her final year and a half at Georgia State continuing to take advantage of all that Atlanta, Georgia State, the Robinson College of Business and the Honors College have to offer. She said, “The Honors College has provided me with the resources and tools to succeed. I receive so much support and they celebrate all of my accomplishments. I’m always inspired to do more and be more as a result.”