Jonathan Maiocco Places in National Young Composers Challenge

Posted On November 12, 2013 by Ashton Brasher, Honors College Class of 2015
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Honors College and School of Music student Jonathan Maiocco has launched into his senior year at Georgia State University with a wide breadth of experiences under his belt. From graduating as the valedictorian of his high school, to receiving the Second Century Scholarship, to now enrolling in a Masters in Music Composition dual-degree program, Jonathan has taken advantage of every opportunity to create his own success.

“For me, composition started out as a hobby, but now it’s a passion,” Jonathan who plays violin, flute and piano stated when asked about his degree program, “I have become thoroughly addicted to the art of making music.”

As a result of this developing passion, Jonathan was accepted this fall to the National Young Composers Challenge Composium in San Francisco. At the Composium, he was selected as one of the top three orchestral composers. There, Jonathan worked with the director and a professional orchestra and watched as they learned and performed his piece, A True Western, in front of a live audience. He was also awarded a $1,000 scholarship.

“If anything, this opportunity inspired me to write more, learn more, and challenge myself as a composer. Hearing music that I composed being played by a professional orchestra gave me that once in a lifetime moment where I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I am confident now that I made a good decision when I chose to pursue my passion.”

Jonathan also holds a university assistantship with the School of Music. “The assistantship I have is with Dr. Haydon, my piano teacher, and he is just great. I’ve learned a lot, and the assistantship has helped me pay for college and save for my graduate studies.”

Currently, Jonathan is preparing for his senior recital. This recital will feature 45 minutes of music that he composed himself. He is also working on his second album, Epic Music II, and a couple of short films, having already done two films in the past with directors from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Having spent much of his spare time composing and recording full albums of music, some of which are even available on iTunes, Jonathan hopes to one day write and compose scores for movies, or start a stock music company.