Haley Tipsord: Presidential Scholar takes on State Farm

For Haley Tipsord, the ideal way to spend her first college summer was not lounging by the pool. Instead, Haley took an incredible opportunity to work as a full time intern with the Life/Health Actuarial Department of State Farm Corporate in Bloomington, Illinois.


From May to August, Haley worked on the 2013 Mortality Improvement Study.

Essentially, this project implemented risk management skills to analyze the relationship between insurance rates and rising mortality rates. Haley stated, “After working with State Farm this past summer, it only strengthened and reinforced my interest in actuarial science.”

The process of obtaining this corporate internship was highly rigorous given the delicate nature of the work. When selecting their summer interns, State Farm wanted to be sure they were investing in highly-qualified individuals. During the interview process, Haley engaged in seven separate interviews before landing the opportunity.

Above all, else, Haley expressed that her university assistantship was her most significant selling point. “All of the interviewers were curious about my assistantship with the J. Mack Robinson College of Business. The fact that I had actual research experience within my field truly helped me get my foot in the door.”


Haley is also heavily involved in the Honors College, acting as the treasurer for the Honors Student Organization. She said, “This year HSO is being completely rebuilt. We will be partnering with more organizations for volunteer events and are starting an informal mentor program. My official role is treasurer, but we all collaborate and bring our own ideas to the table. It’s a great opportunity to work with finances as well as to make new friends and stay involved on campus.”

When choosing to attend Georgia State University, the Actuarial Science program and the Presidential Scholarship were Haley’s two main motivators. “I looked into a lot of really good schools. They all had their strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, I knew at Georgia State I would get to do so many different things to prepare myself for a great career. I believed that the opportunities really would be endless, and so far they have been.”