Hannah Basta: Pioneering her First Year

Honors College student Hannah Basta might look sweet and gentle, but put a lacrosse stick in her hand and she might surprise you. During her first year at Georgia State, Basta successfully chartered the first Women’s Lacrosse team to exist at Georgia State University.


She loved lacrosse in high school and helped take her team to the semi-finals. Upon entering Georgia State, she knew lacrosse wasn’t something she wanted to leave behind. However, Basta quickly discovered that chartering a sports club isn’t easy.


First, Basta and her co-founder, Deanna Pucci, had to work with the director of Recreational Clubs. After sorting through mounds of paperwork, Basta and Pucci wrote a constitution—a philosophy that would dictate the operation of the team itself. After many meetings and tireless hours, the women finally received clearance to begin recruitment. “The hardest part was forming the constitution and waiting for the meetings to occur so we could progress,” Basta explains, “We were so anxious to just get started!”


Basta isn’t just an athlete with a knack for pioneering. Like so many other student athletes, Basta is also a hard-working student with many important goals, for both her college experience and beyond. For Basta, a history major with a German minor, it’s all about balance. She states, “I balance athletics and academics with time management. I’m hoping the practices will be at night, though.” She hopes to use these time management skills to carry her straight into a prestigious law school.


This summer, Basta is interning in Washington D.C. with Representatives Westmoreland and Barrow through the Honors College Capital Internship Program. “Learning about our government is one thing, but experiencing it is a wholly new thing. I’ve really gotten to see exactly how the government works and how things come together. It’s great for whatever field you’re interested in because you touch on every topic you could imagine. I’ve met so many interesting people here and have done a lot of networking that I think will be very beneficial for me in the long run.”


Basta’s advice to other Honors College students is to follow in her footsteps and avidly pursue honors courses. “Take as many honors courses as you can. They’re amazing!”


Whether it’s in the classroom or in the nation’s capital, Basta is grateful for the many opportunities she has gained from The Honors College. “Being a part of this community has been a lot of fun. I’ve done things I didn’t think I would ever do before. It’s been great to meet new people and gain new experiences.”