Micah Costello

Sophomore Lets Intellect Run Wild

Posted On June 23, 2013 by Story by Clynton Namuo and video by Alex Kreuter, College of Arts and Sciences

This article is part of Generation Georgia State, a series that highlights the academic, personal and career accomplishments of Georgia State University students, alumni, faculty and staff who are the first in their families to attend college.

Georgia State University is Micah Costello’s geek playground.

“This is one of the very few colleges in Georgia where you can take Russian and Arabic and Chinese; that’s just a microcosm of all the things you can take here,” he said. “Georgia State has given me the opportunity to broaden myself as a person.”


Micah is the first person in his family to attend college. As a result, neither he nor his parents have preconceived notions about what he’ll do or learn.

“My parents, not knowing about college, they’re just enthusiastic about me being here,” he said. “They don’t have an aversion to a philosophy class or a preference for me to take accounting.”

As a result, he’s studying everything he can. Micah, who just finished his freshman year in the College of Arts and Sciences as a member of the Honors College, is torn between majoring inphilosophyEnglish or French. He says each subject offers him the opportunity to let his intellect run wild.

“It’s a free thinking class and what’s more fun than that,” he said of philosophy. “You’re learning, but at the same time you get to pull stuff out of your head.”

French has been a passion of Micah’s since high school, but until he got to Georgia State he never found many like minded people. He works on his fluency regularly at the Franco-branchés, Georgia State’s French club.

“In high school we had a French club, but everybody there ate croissants and talked about how much they didn’t like French,” he said.

French Professor Kathleen Doig said Micah distinguished himself with his robust intelligence, good manners and his ability to interact with other students in French.

“As a veteran of 42 years in the classroom, I have learned to detect fairly quickly whether students are connecting to what I am trying to teach them,” she said. “Micah is the kind of student who hears a word and then uses it in a composition weeks later.”

No matter what major he chooses, Micah said his life will never be the same.

Although Micah grew up in Hapeville, Ga., just a MARTA ride away from downtown Atlanta, he never really experienced the city until he got to Georgia State.

Since arriving on campus he has eaten crab legs and pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) for the first time, jammed out on his guitar with a friend he made at the dorm and is planning his first trip abroad to study in France this summer.

“I think going to France is mind boggling,” he said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I actually hope to have like 17 times.”