University Assistantship Recommendation Form

The University Assistantship Program (UAP) is intended for incoming freshmen. However, if you are working with students who are currently enrolled at Georgia State that you would like to be considered for a UAP placement please complete this recommendation form. Please note that the recommendation is meant to initiate the process and placements will only be approved if funds are available.

By nominating a student to serve as a University Assistant you are stating that you understand/agree that –

  • Departmental or grant funds must contribute $1000 to the $2500 stipend each year
  • You feel that the student is capable of successfully working in your department as a University Assistant
  • Assuming that the student meets expectations in the assistantship duties, you will work with the student for the remainder of their time as an undergraduate at Georgia State (not to exceed eight semesters)
  • Active upper-class Honors College students with a GPA of 3.5 may be nominated by a faculty or staff member for a University Assistantship
  • Please attach a description of the UAP job responsibilities. Refer to Appendix A of the UAP Policy and Procedures for an example position description.