Ronald Shanderson, 2015 Goldwater Scholar

Undergraduate Research

The Georgia State University Honors College Undergraduate Research Program provides undergraduates the opportunity to engage in research across campus. From art to neuroscience – research and creative works takes many shapes and forms. Honors College students work in labs, compose music, serve as editors and build business plans. Research is defined as the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Students from all majors and at any level have the opportunity to embark on their individual journeys towards producing knowledge through the Honors College Undergraduate Research Program. The program consists of the following resources:

Honors Research Skills Workshops and Research Skills Certificate
The Honors College will offer nine interactive research skills workshops intended to introduce students to the research enterprise as an initial step toward building competent undergraduate researchers at Georgia State University. These workshops are for all majors. Students will receive the Honors College Research Skills Certificate after attending any six workshops during an academic year and completing an evaluation for those workshops. The Honors College will offer the same series of workshops during the fall and spring. Students do not have to be in the process of pursuing the certification to attend the workshops. You can find a complete list of the Research Skills Workshops on the honors research calendar.

Georgia State Undergraduate Research Conference
GSURC, the Georgia State Undergraduate Research Conference, is an interdisciplinary undergraduate research conference that highlights and recognizes the research being conducted across Georgia State’s campus. This opportunity is open to all undergraduate students and is not exclusively for honors students.

Georgia State Undergraduate Student Planning Committee
Honors students must apply for a position on the GSURC Student Planning Committee. Students on the committee gain valuable leadership experience in conference/event planning, public relations, recruitment, and assessment. Additionally, these student leaders will regularly engage with Honors College staff and University Faculty members.

Undergraduate Student Write-In
The Write-In is a one-day workshop designed to help undergraduate honors students break through personal barriers by implementing effective strategies to aid in composing research projects. Lunch-time discussions with speakers will focus on general issues of writing roadblocks, grammar, structure, organization, and time management rather than discipline-specific content. Students will also have the opportunity to work with a writing consultant for individualized assistance.This opportunity is open to all undergraduate students and is not exclusively for honors students.

Honors Thesis Project
The thesis is one of the culminating achievements of a scholar’s undergraduate career. “Thesis” is a term to be interpreted broadly. Thesis projects may include traditional scholarly writings, but could also include musical compositions, films, substantive creative works of art, and other projects appropriate to the various academic fields within the university.This opportunity is open to all undergraduate students and is not exclusively for honors students.

DISCOVERY is an undergraduate research journal featuring publications from students enrolled in the Honors College at Georgia State University.

Travel and Research Funding
Honors College students may apply for research or travel funds to support the completion or presentation of undergraduate research at disciplinary, regional or national conferences.