Undergraduate Research

A main tenet of the Honors College mission is to create meaningful opportunities for students to engage in undergraduate research. Our students are involved in research from their very first year on campus and in a variety of different disciplines.

From history to neuroscience – undergraduate research takes many shapes and forms. Undergraduate research presents an opportunity to explore a field of interest and gain hands-on experience through a variety of extended projects. Research is not limited to data collection and science labs. In the Honors College, research can include a musical composition, a short story, a cultural study or any number of academic or creative pursuits. Research is forward-thinking. Research presents an answer to a problem. Research can be the foundation of your future.

Larry Berman, Dean of the Honors College, in a preface of the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Journal quoted William Blake stating, “In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors.” Dean Berman believes that opening doors is the essence of the research experience. His sentiments are at the heart of the Honors College and drive the development of research opportunities.

By taking advantage of the research opportunities offered by the Honors College you will:

  • develop professional skills in your area of interest by understanding your major in a greater context.
  • connect with your department and build a mentoring relationship.
  • create learning experiences outside of the classroom.
  • develop problem solving skills that will aid in all career fields.
  • become a leader in your field.