Honors 3260 – Call for Proposals

The Honors College is now accepting proposal submissions Honors 3260 seminars for fall 2015, spring 2016 and summer/Maymester 2016.

The purpose of the colloquium is to provide Honors students with the opportunity to explore a compelling topic or question from an interdisciplinary perspective. In the strict sense, colloquia are led by a series of different leaders, but we use the term less strictly.  Honors colloquia are led usually by one faculty member, but frequently include guests from other disciplines (and are sometimes team-taught). These colloquia should foster critical thinking and writing, and should inspire conversations between students as much as between students and the faculty member (s). The theme of the course should grow out of the faculty member’s research interests, but needs to be accessible to a range of advanced students across majors, We encourage proposals that relate broadly to the university’s strategic focus on complex challenges in cities and global perspectives, but all proposals will be accepted for consideration.

Examples of Past HON3260 Courses 

Honors 3260 meets once a week for three hours of elective credit. This credit counts toward the 120 hours needed for graduation. Student pursuing the Honors College Distinction of Advanced Honors must enroll in two of these colloquia. Sections are limited to 15 or fewer students, and grading is by letter. Exams are not prohibited, but are also not the norm. Sections often culminate in a paper or project that develops over the semester and allows students to demonstrate growth in knowledge and critical thinking through writing and oral discussion or presentation. We encourage faculty to design creative course with either innovative or tried and true University and Honors College events taking place at the University and in the Honors College to help students cultivate a life of the mind. For example, a requirement may be to attend a campus lecture, write a reflection essay or discussion post on D2L, and then discuss the lecture in class. A second example is to have students attend one or more Honors College Lunch and Learn sessions and report what they learned to the class. All sections will meet in the Honors College and will be able to take advantage of state of the art instructional technology.

Limited funding is available for course activities, depending on budgetary constraints.

Proposals for Honors 3260 will be welcomed from regular full-time faculty including lecturers and administrators in any college, as well from university-level administrators who hold a faculty appointment. The Honors College will compensate departments, not individual faculty members, $5,000 for each successful proposal. The Honors College transfers these funds directly to the faculty member’s department, center, or other unit shortly after the beginning of the semester the course is taught.

The Honors College Faculty Affiliate Curriculum Committee will evaluate the proposals and make recommendations to the Dean and the Associate Dean of the Honors College. Some preference will be given to proposals by senior faculty and administrators whose schedules do not normally allow them to teach. The Honors College will balance seminars across colleges and disciplines.

Faculty whose proposals are selected and who have not previously taught in the Honors College are required to attend an orientation/course development workshop in early May, and a brief meeting before the semester of your course. All faculty whose proposals are selected are encouraged to attend. These dates will be announced after proposals have been selected.

The deadline for submission is Friday, February 1, 2015.

Submit a Proposal 

Honors College Lockers Available

Honors College students are eligible for free lockers!

If you are interested in securing a locker for the year, please visit the Honors College in person (located at 100 Auburn Avenue, Suite 200) to receive your assignment.

Please note that lockers are free of charge to Honors College students, and are assigned to students on a first-come/first-serve basis. Students will be required to purchase their own locks.

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