Georgia State Honors College Student Kalif Robinson Named a 2017 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellow

ATLANTA – Kalif Robinson, an Honors College senior studying economics with a minor in Arabic at Georgia State University, is one of 30 undergraduate students from across the U.S. selected to receive the prestigious Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship. Robinson is a past Gilman Scholar and Rangel Scholar.

The Rangel Fellowship covers up… more »

Based on a ‘Gut Feeling,’ Noah Britton is Taking the Leap to Georgia State

When Noah Britton thinks about starting college in a city hundreds of times bigger than his northeast Georgia hometown, he admits he’s “mildly terrified.” So he’s been preparing for that leap of faith by taking a few leaps of the literal variety.

“This summer was the first time I’ve done it,” says Britton, an avid… more »

Presidential Scholar Becca Moss Finds Her Community

Attention, residents of Buford: If your usually relaxed Monday-afternoon Starbucks break was interrupted this past spring by a piercing scream, Becca Moss would like to ask your forgiveness.

“They were supposed to let us know that Friday, so I was not expecting the call four days early,” says Moss, who had interviewed for the more »

Honors College Senior Kashif Molwani named Marshall Scholar Finalist and Schwarzman Scholar Semi-Finalist

Georgia State University senior Kashif Molwani has been named a Marshall Scholar finalist and a Schwartzman Scholar semi-finalist. The Marshall is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious and competitive scholarships awarded to American undergraduates and supports one to two years of graduate study at any university in the United Kingdom. The esteemed Schwarzman… more »

Presidential Scholar Nishant Sinha Takes His Opportunity and Runs With It

Receiving a scholarship as prestigious — and lucrative — as Georgia State’s Presidential Scholarship can’t help but feel like a stroke of good fortune. Nishant Sinha understands that even more deeply than most.

“I got a call from the dean of the Honors College himself, and he told me that I was accepted,”… more »

Presidential Scholar Meira Robbins Dives Right Into the Mysteries of the Mind

The life sciences can often be a waiting game for college students. Many of them will have to wait until graduate school to do significant lab work. Before she’d even started her freshman year at Georgia State, though, Meira Robbins was making connections with professors who could offer research opportunities almost from the minute she… more »

Coming Soon to a University Near You: Presidential Scholar Olivia Cambern

Another accomplished film director has decided to make her home in Atlanta, aiming to be closer to the city’s burgeoning movie industry. Her name is Olivia Cambern, and she starts classes at Georgia State this fall.

“When I was living back in Oregon, one of my friends really wanted to be an actress, and she… more »

A Home Away from Home at Georgia State: Presidential Scholar Madison Higbee

When you’ve had one-student classes for nearly your entire upbringing, the prospect of landing on a campus of 35,000 students can seem incredibly daunting. But to Madison Higbee, who starts at Georgia State this fall, it’s felt surprisingly natural.

“Probably the biggest factor was I knew that Georgia State, especially the Honors College, would… more »