History Major Aims for a Career in the Political World

Alexis Rogers experienced little of the wider world growing up in Dacula, a small community nearly an hour outside Atlanta. One bus tour of Georgia State and she knew where she needed to go to college.

“I chose Georgia State University because I fell in love with Atlanta,” she said.

Georgia State brought together all of Alexis’ interests and helped her to find her way. She learned to navigate traffic-congested streets, high-wattage political fundraisers and trips to Europe.

She hopes her education will help her avoid the hardships she watched her parents endure.

“My parents always taught us the value of education,” Alexis said. “They didn’t go to college and we always saw their struggles. They made a name for themselves, but they always said it was really, really hard and just don’t do it the hard way.”

Alexis is the first generation of her family to attend college and she said Georgia State has given her an education that extends far beyond the classroom, changing her from a student to a professional adult.

“Being exposed to different people, learning how to talk to different people, learning how to carry yourself in certain situations, I think that’s all part of your education too, and those are the sorts of things you really carry into the real world,” she said. “College isn’t just about the grades and the books, but it’s about the experiences you get and what you learn about life.”

As a child, Alexis was a political junkie. She has written letters to every president since she was in elementary school. As an adult, she discovered a love of American history. To fulfill both her passions, she majored in history while also interning at a political consulting firm.

Alexis spent her junior year studying abroad in Newcastle upon Tyne in northern England to learn more about international history. The experience offered a perspective on life and education that no book could.

“You would walk out of your dorm and there was literally a castle from the 14th century just standing right next to my dorm right in the middle of this big metropolitan city,” she said.

The Honors College student spent her senior year interning at RaZor Solutions Group, a political consulting firm, helping to organize events and assisting candidates with fundraising and political outreach.

Keisha Carter, RaZor’s founder and principle, said their interns get first-hand experience on what goes on behind the scenes in politics. She said Alexis excelled and had the chance to do research and fundraising for clients.

“I want to expose her to working in politics, not just government,” she said. “You’re an intern, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a relationship.”

Alexis isn’t stopping with a bachelor’s degree. The recent Georgia State graduate is headed to American University in Washington, D.C. this fall to attend graduate school,  with her sights on a career in politics.

“I really want to be part of the political process,” she said. “Making a difference, I think, is really important, even if it’s just in your own local community.”

This article is part of Generation Georgia State, a series that highlights the academic, personal and career accomplishments of Georgia State University students, alumni, faculty and staff who are the first in their families to attend college.